You blow my mind. The fact that here you are is amazing, because I am and always have been fascinated with communication. First as a writer, then studying photography, then teaching myself editing, and finally combining it all to be a filmmaker, I see this as more then just an art form or marketing tool, but it’s how I communicate with the world.

You’ll find a protean person in me, someone that is in love with the world, and all it’s strange wonderful facets. From fit and polished glossy spots, to grit and slag docu-style films, I love to flex all the inherent power this medium provides. Regardless of the finish, I like to think that all my work has one commonality: authenticity. The projects I give myself to, I let consume me, and love exploring these worlds with people passionate about bringing something honest and wonderful to life. I like to entertain, as much through the screen as behind the lens, and believe that the cost of risking what I love should pay off with joy, and being grateful is what I pay the check with.

I’m a very hard worker, because to me none of this is work; it’s how I communicate with the world. This is life, documented, and presented to a constantly hungry audience. I’m not trying to do something different, just something honest that resonates against the cacophony of ordinary out there. I love to collaborate, and equally love to orchestrate, I love bringing ideas to the table, and bringing other’s ideas to life. It’s all a conversation to me, I am Italian after-all, we love to talk.

So, yes, a list of awards that celebrate some key pieces of work are listed below, as well as some names you should recognize that will give you an understanding of the caliber and demand of my skill, but really, if you want to know who I am and what I do, it’s best to just call, because like any good tool, I long to fit the need at hand. In the meantime, take a peek below at my year end reviews, to give you an idea of how I spend my time. 

Thanks for stoping by.